The company

In 1993 GEUSTIKON became active in the catering sector and opened the first restaurant in Glyfada.

In 1994, pioneered in the field of fast food, developing its own home delivery network

In the following years, it proceeds with significant investments in computerization and modern equipment, with the aim of optimal supply, storage, preparation and distribution of meals.

In 2011, it expands to the area of ​​Vari, where it opens the second restaurant GEFSTIKON.

From 2013 until now, it has been investing in the digital world, developing its own online ordering system and adopting the Geustikon Privilege online customer reward program.

It designs new services and online tools with the aim of providing meals for every occasion, space and event, such as Geustikon @Work, Geustikon Party Meal, Geustikon Cateting and Geustikon Plan – A – Meal.

GEUSTIKON’s goal is to continuously improve and enrich its services, providing solutions to new needs.


is to constantly improve and enrich its services, providing solutions to new needs.

GEUSTIKON's philosophy remains consistently in keeping the quality at every stage of the process.

The first priority of GEUSTIKON stores is the pleasant experience and satisfaction of the customer, from the products and services they provide. This result is achieved through the special attention paid to the smallest details, from the careful packaging of the meal to the unquestionable high quality of the food and the excellent adherence to sanitary standards. At this point, it is important to mention that GEUSTIKON meets all EFET specifications and carries the ISO 22000, ISO 9001 certifications, long before it became a requirement of European and Greek legislation for all food businesses.

In addition, meeting as many customer preferences and requirements as possible, always maintaining high quality and constantly renewing the taste proposals are matters of vital importance for GEUSTIKON.

Glyfada Restaurant

A warm and welcoming space, where the shades of wood are harmoniously combined with its overgrown planters. With guaranteed high quality ingredients and excellent service, it is the ideal choice to enjoy your meal at any time of the day.

Gounari 190, 166 74


Bari Restaurant

A modern environment, of high aesthetics, dominated by wood, discreet lighting and impressive plant structures. With the stamp of the excellent quality of the materials and the courteous and fast service, it is the right proposal to enjoy your food.

Anargirountos 18-20, 166 72