At GEUSTIKON, all meals are prepared based on hygiene & safety rules and are ISO certified

Our materials

The A and Z at GEUSTIKON is the satisfaction of our customers. So our first concern could not be other than the selection of excellent quality raw materials. We choose certified suppliers with experience in the field and take care of the correct storage and maintenance conditions for all raw materials, as well as our consumable packaging.

We ensure every day something that has always been a must for us: 

Enjoy the freshest and tastiest meals, prepared with the purest ingredients. Raw materials are procured daily, with the aim of making them available on the same day. The raw materials are checked for their quality and stored according to the standards of the HACCP management system. They are prepared by highly trained staff in special food processing areas, so that they arrive for disposal in compliance with all specifications.

It is worth noting that we have ISO 22000:2005 certification for the Preparation and Disposition of the products you choose from us. The ingredients we use for our meals are stored at temperatures in accordance with EFET specifications and in separate refrigerators according to their type (chicken, pork, beef) and the packaging is certified and environmentally friendly, in accordance with current legislation.

Finally, all our fried foods are fried in sunflower oil, while in the salads and daily dishes we use extra virgin olive oil. In case of allergy or intolerance, please inform us so that we can prepare your meal suitable for you.

Our Meals

In our catalog you will find a wide variety of meats, salads, appetizers and stews. Our many years of experience in the field of catering, combined with the trained cooks we have, as well as the contribution of our customers with their criticism, have shaped a variety of dishes that will convince even the most demanding.

The dishes of the day are renewed daily and our cooks, with faith in the Greek tradition as well as the Mediterranean cuisine, offer you dishes like at home! At the same time, you can enjoy a wide variety of grilled, traditional but also sophisticated salads and appetizers, as well as wraps with traditional pita or wholemeal or even tortillas with TASTY combinations! Based on your review, we try to renew our dishes and satisfy all your TASTE needs.

Personnel safety

Our staff observes all safety conditions for the preparation of food, but also for its transport. All staff observe hygienic conditions, wearing gloves and masks when processing raw materials and work with the sole purpose of producing meals that will be delicious and

Approved packaging is used to transport the meals and they are stored in special thermal bags and distribution boxes. Our distributor will always arrive at your door with the logo and name of the GEUSTIKON stores visible. We always take care of the safety of our drivers as well as the delivery of your meals. For this reason, all our drivers always wear a helmet and are especially careful.


GEUSTIKON stores hold ISO certification and microbicide work certification, which are renewed at regular intervals. We work every day to offer you flavors that meet all your requirements as well as in all your spaces, which is why we are constantly enriching our menu and developing our services. However, we want you to inform us of any complaints and suggest changes as our only goal is to provide a unique service!