a Tastier and healthier

meal in the office

Freshly cooked, balanced and healthy meals in companies and businesses

With the possibility of tailor-made menus or catalog options, we deliver the meal to your place at the time you choose, respecting all safety standards.

Upgrade your corporate image, your work environment and your corporate culture.

By providing meals in the office, meetings can become lunch-meetings, improving productivity and fostering a strong corporate culture.

Develop relationships between the departments of your company, in the most effective way.

Working relationships are strengthened when personal relationships are created between people. By having lunch with colleagues, it is possible to cultivate closer relationships between employees from different departments, enhancing cooperation between them.

Corporate benefits enhance the work environment. Providing meals with a variety of healthy options is a powerful incentive to attract and retain executives

What we offer

and why we differ

we have 30 years of experience in the catering industry, with stores in Glyfada and Vari.

Our food is prepared the same day it is delivered to you, using pure raw materials and certified production processes.

Your personal account assistant will listen to your needs and solve any problem that may arise. We guarantee taste, proper packaging and timely delivery.

We strictly apply hygiene protocols in the preparation and distribution of food, consistent with the instructions of the National Public Health Organization.

Through the Geustikon@work app, you can schedule your weekly or daily menu and delivery time. You have control over your costs and order history in real time.

Our Clients

A corporate offering to your human resources that will enhance loyalty and improve their productivity.